Transistores e Válvulas p/ RF


  TIPO                     TIPO                                  TIPO

YU 148                                            4CX250B                       4CX20.000B
3CX800A7                                      4CX250BC                     4CX20.000C
3CX1000A7                                    4CX250K                       4CX20.000D
3CX1500A7                                    4CX250R                       4CX20.000A
3CX2500A3                                    4CX300A                       4CX20.000B
3CX2500F3                                    4CX300Y                       4CX20.000C
3CX3000A1                                   4CX1000A                     4CX20.000D
3CX3000A7                                   4CX1000K                     4CX25.000A
3CX3000F1                                   4CX1500A                      4CX35.000C
3CX3000F7                                   4CX3000A                      4CX40.000G
3CX5000H3                                  4CX3500A                      4CX150A
3CX10.000A1                               4CX5000A                      807
3CX10.000A3                               4CX5000J                       813
3CX10.000A7                               4CX6000R                      833A
3CX15.000A3                               4CX7500A                      833C
3CX15.000A7                               4CX10.000D                   TB1.250
3CX15.000H3                               4CX10.000J
3CX20.000A3                               4CX12.000A
3CX20.000A7                               4CX15.000A
4.400A                                          4CX15.000J
4.400B                                          4CX15.000R
4.400C                                          4CX20.000A

R$ R$ R$
BFY89 5,50                       2N6081 180,00                MRF238 150,00
BFY90 5,50                       2N6082 180,00                MRF239 140,00
BSX20 5,60                       2N6083 180,00                MRF240 140,00
2N3553 10,20                    2N6084 180,00               MRF245 290,00
2N3866 14,20                    MRF151 340,00              MRF247 180,00
2N4427 33,80                    MRF207 65,00                MRF262 180,00
2N5641 355,00                  MRF208 180,00              MRF406 180,00
2N5642 355,00                  MRF221 180,00              MRF454 290,00
2N5643 355,00                  MRF224 180,00              MRF455 290,00
2N6080 160,00                  MRF227 180,00              MRF475 33,00
BLF 177 250,00                 MRF237 110,00              MRF476 33,00
2SC1947 46,00

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